Optimize your ride

Once you’ve had a motorcycle for a while, an appetite for accessories and auxiliary parts ensues. Manufacturers supply an endless amount of gizmos and gadgets for you to add to your bike. Here are some favorites.

GPS capabilities

The addition of a navigation system has proliferated in recent years, especially amongst touring riders. It’s a smoother way to develop and hone the day’s riding activities. You’ll know where you’re going, where you are, and how long it’ll take to get there.

Sound systems

MP3 and Bluetooth technology have done wonders for this accessory. With it, your bike recognizes your device as it gets closer. All you need to do is press play and the music starts blaring out of your speakers or Bluetooth headset. No more fiddling with wires.

Air Suspension

Customize your ride’s lift with innovative air suspension kits that are designed to fit seamlessly with a number of bike brands and models.

At Platinum Air Suspension, our advanced suspension kits utilize Bleed Feed technology which allows for this comprehensive lift customization. If you’re looking to add this feature to your ride, we can help.

Visit our website or call (714)-871-2424 for more information!


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